Upside down cherry cake


I have fallen off the workout wagon again. I had a good run for several months where I alternated between yoga, weights and cardio. I also oiled my hair regularly, cut back on sugar and alcohol, read a few books instead of binge watching Parks & Rec- all in all, I felt like a fully functioning adult. And then my husband got back from New York after two months. So obviously we had a lot of catching up to do. Then I got a massive corporate order while my main man at work, Ramesh recovered from an appendix surgery in the local hospital and I pretty much moved into my kitchen for a week. So, I was baking and stress eating that I was not baking fast enough and my goddamn face erupted in pimples because of the sugar and copious amounts of coffee I was drinking. Even my piss smelled like coffee. Seriously.

Now work is done but I have just been bumming around, hanging with my dogs and catching up with old coworkers who I haven't seen in years. So, obviously pitchers of sangria were involved while we caught up on the time we spend getting beaten up by strippers in Thailand (true story, look up Suzie Wong) . I was too hungover for yoga again this morning and I would have stayed cuddled up in bed if it wasn't for my dog pawing me in the face while stretching in his sleep and my back that felt like it needed a solid hour of stretching. So I got my butt out of bed, took a shot of apple cider vinegar (life changer, try it. your gut will thank you) and spend an hour doing yoga. I felt virtuous enough that I decided to have a slice of cake for breakfast. Really getting good at balancing things over here. 

There was a  little box of cherries that didn't taste like much and I decided to make an upside down cake with it. I thought I might be able to salvage the blandness of the fruit with a lemon scented batter mixed in with poppy seeds to give it a subtle nuttiness. But the sad little cherries on top shrivelled up and had zero flavour. I loved the batter, it was light with a hint of lemon and a soft, tender crumb. Once I picked out the cherries from the top, it was pretty great with a cup of coffee to start the day right. Definitely give this recipe a go, just get your hands on some great cherries (all my Indian peeps, American cherries are really expensive but they will be worth it in this cake).