Better than Nutella

chocolate spread.jpg

Picture my morning: I woke up at 6, did an hour of yoga, made a fresh cup of coffee which I sipped slowly with a bowl of creamy porridge. It was raining outside, the dogs were curled up next to me, it was all languid and lovely. Finally, I peeled myself off the bed and turned on the geyser to take a  hot shower before heading to work. I think I might even have been humming something (i never, ever sing because honest to god I cant carry a tune and i can't even tolerate my own singing) when my shower turned into my own personal hell. It started smelling like poop and  with mounting panic and horror I realised that yes, I was in fact bathing with sewage water!!! It was mucky and brown and smelled like twenty cats had inhaled rotten fish and died in a pile of poop. SERIOUSLY, HOW THE FUCK WAS THIS EVEN HAPPENING?!

I turned the shower off screaming and emptied half a bottle of shower gel on myself and then grabbed a bottle of water from my bedroom to wash the filth off. All the cursing and yelling lead to waking up my dogs who proceeded to lose their shit and joined me by barking at the top of their lungs (they are beagles!) in turn waking up my entire household who came running to my rescue to find me butt naked, scrubbing my skin furiously with a towel.

Turns out the water pipes have crossed and the clean water/sewage water are hanging out together. This led to a lot of screaming and yelling at several men in the Bombay Municipal Corporation and buying litres of bottles water to use for cleaning and drinking. People are trying to fix the problem while I have taken two showers since at my friend's place trying to get the grossness off me. Seriously, why oh why do I live in this damn city? 

I know its really weird to talk about chocolate spread in the same post I have talked about sewage. But there really is no appetising way to segue into this except this chocolate spread is so good that it will help you forget the horrors of your day. Its better than Nutella. Chocolatey, deeply nutty and super delicious. I found this recipe and it sounded so good that made it almost immediately. You will want a jar of this hanging around in your kitchen for breakfasts, snacks or for when you have the worst day of you life. It really helps to eat it in big spoonfuls, straight from the jar.