Richa Talwar

Hi! I am a baker, granola junkie, bit of a loud mouth, struggling entrepreneur,  newbie food stylist, reluctant resident of Bombay and agony aunt to my people.

I started my career in films, meandered over to advertising and finally decided to go to culinary school to explore my interest in baking since that's all I was doing in my spare time. Soon after, I started Sustenance, a health food brand that is now 3 years old! 

I have two interests: baking and handing out advice. Its still to be debated whether I am good at either one but I have immense interest in both subjects. At Kitchen Klutz, you will find snippets from my life : goof ups, struggles of running a start up, childhood stories,  occasional pictures of my dogs but mainly stuff I bake and ramblings on the human condition.